Everything about CCC Labels

CCC Grading's high-end labels combine a unique, sleek design with exceptional security.
The look of our labels reflects the CCC spirit: Professionalism, Sobriety and Quality.

Every CCC Grading label

Characteristics of the CCC Label

Precise and accurate

The labels contain up to 12 pieces of information on the card - the specifics are explained in detail, including: Reprints / Special sets / Sub-sets / Print errors etc.


Symmetrical and instantly recognizable layout.
Most of the information is located in the central area, with a simple and efficient font.
The back of the label is also clean and symmetrical.


Our labels guarantee the security of your graded cards with anti-counterfeiting elements: UV Ink, the CCC hologram, 3D Logo varnish, unique and discreet Guilloche patterns. The QR Code also allows you to check the card on our database.


The 4 types of CCC Labels

The Original CCC Label

CCC Grading white label

The classic label has the original CCC Grading logo (with 3 stripes: Blue, White, Red). This logo is linked to the history of CCC Grading: a French company with a unique know-how.

This label is automatically assigned by default.

CCC Label Specifications

3D Logo Varnish

Provides unique visual appeal and a first security approach.

Security background

Unique and discrete technical pattern (Guilloche) to prevent counterfeiting.

CCC Hologram

On the back of the label, this unique hologram design reinforces the security of the label.

UV Ink

Under UV light, the back logo lights up

Unique QR Code

This QR Code links to the card verification page.
You will also be able to view the GradeReport® and the card photograph from this page.

Special Reholder Program : Label Replacement

Due to the announcement of the CCC 2023 Novelties : improvement of the labels in particular, a label replacement program (+New slab) at an advantageous rate has been introduced if you wish to take advantage of the labels improvements.

A description of this program & the prices are available on this page: Special Program.

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