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Certificateur de Cartes de Collection is a card authentication company that positions itself as a high-end player in French and European card grading.


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CCC Grading is a project born in 2020 on which nothing was left to chance. It is the result of the work of a team of engineers who have been passionate about trading cards since their creation.

The organization was born to meet the real needs in the card grading community: the justification of grades and the need for a solid, credible and transparent French organization.
We are constantly investing in the development of the company to fully satisfy our customers. Our ambitions are long term.

Our Premium service is based on the following pillars.


Expertise and knowledge on TCG : Pokémon, Yugioh et MTG

Your cards are certified by experts with many years of experience in TCGs.

We are able to assess 6 games with an in-depth knowledge of the special cases of each TCG (special editions, championship cards, differences between two cards of identical appearance etc.).

The grades and all cards go through several verification processes during each phase of processing: reception, authentication, grading and shipping.

Our expertise does not stop at card appraisal, it extends to process management and business development.  The value of your cards depends on CCC's reputation, and we want to keep our service as high quality as possible.


Grade report : card authentication document

Our logical and fair grading system has been thought to fit all trading cards.

The grading is always done acoording to 4 precise criteria:

  • Centering, using more than 30 different centering tools (each TCG, each generation, front and back) developed by CCC teams.
  • Corners and Sides using professional lamps and variable zoom magnifiers.
  • Surface - with 12 detailed sub-criteria on the GradeReport™.

We know that misunderstanding grades is a concern for the vast majority of graded card owners.

We are putting an end to approximate and arbitrary certification: all CCC grades are fully justified.

Indeed, every CCC grade is systematically justified according to our Gradereport™ system, a comprehensive justification provided with every card grading.

The card's defects are fully detailed and the direction of any off-center is indicated.

This thick, stamped document can be kept and used to justify your future transactions.


High quality custom-made card grading slab

Our authentication and grading processes follow strict specifications. All of our equipment, machines and tools are of high quality and made in Europe.

  • Our slabs are custom-manufuctured in France by our partner specialized in plastics. We have chosen a robust and highly transparent plastic.
    This high quality holder is thin to allow you to visualize your cards perfectly without any distortion. The card frame adapts perfectly to the dimensions of the different games with 2 versions :

  1. "Standard" format allowing us to authenticate Pokémon, MTG (Magic The Gathering), Dragon Ball, Flesh & Blood and Force Of Will TCG cards.
  2. "Japanese" format for Yu-Gi-Oh and Vanguard Cardfight cards.

  • Our labels are produced on technical quality paper (matte coating) with double thickness and high printing resolution. Premium appearance is a priority for us.
    We offer the legendary "Gold & Black Label", proof of cards in pristine condition.


Expert manipulating Pokemon cards

We know how to handle your cards!

  • We never touch the edges or corners of the cards. Our experts handle with gloves identical to those used in jewelry.
  • When removing the cards from the sleeves or toploaders, if necessary, a flat, thin pair of pliers with a protected tip can be used to accurately remove the card without rubbing its sides.
  • When calculating the centering, our centering trays are never in direct contact with the card thanks to their support raised by a few millimeters.
  • During the justification, our operators place your card on a special domed surface allowing them to pick it up smoothly.

Our premises are insured and the cards are stored in a secure manner with video surveillance.
Your cards are not released until the day they are graded. They are processed and shipped the same day without temporary storage.
In the event of a technical incident, the insurance allows you to opt for peace of mind and be reimbursed 100% of the declared value of your card.


Fast card grading service

Our services respect the deadline indicated at the time of your order whatever the context.
Our adaptive ordering system linked to our grading software allows us to adapt our services during busy periods.

Authentication of collectibles is a multi-step process. Our tools and methods allow us to process orders in a straightforward flow supported by a computer system that limits errors and/or accidents.

Our website and submission center are updated in real time, as soon as new sets become available.

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