These are the International shipping guidelines.
These are only intended for people outside the European Union (Switzerland, UK, USA, Japan etc.).

Follow this link for France and European Union residents: Shipping guidelines - France & EU.

Must do : Preparation of customs documents

When sending from outside the EU (including the UK and Switzerland), you will need to prepare your package for customs clearance. Be aware that customs authorities are allowed to open your package and check its contents, so protect your cards carefully with adhesive tape on toploaders.

The customs document you will need to prepare depends on your country.

  • From Switzerland or the UK, it is the CN22 document. This document is often given out online or directly at the post office.
  • From the USA, the document depends on the shipping method. Follow the instructions on the following page: . It will often be form 2976 - this is pre-filled on the internet.

Example of a CN22 to send cards to CCC Grading

Description of contents

Used Playing Cards - Material : Paper (ou Playing Cards - Material : Paper)

Do not write "Pokémon Card" or "Yu-Gi-Oh Card". This increases the risk of loss or problems at customs.

Customs value

We recommend differentiating the customs value from the declared value of the cards (on our website).
The customs value will certainly be lower than the declared value indicated on the CCC submission center.
Indeed, if you indicate high values on the customs declarations, you will have to pay important export taxes, even if you do not send for export. Moreover, simplified formalities are limited to low value shipments (~300€ max. for CN22). Beyond that, more complex formalities will be required.

In many cases, a playing card can be considered to have a customs value of less than 10€ (the value is however to be indicated at your own risk).
For this reason, you should NOT include the order summary in the package so that the customs authorities do not confuse the two types of value if they open your package.

You will also need to include a "Pro-forma Invoice" to be filled out in 2 copies with the same information as entered on your customs declaration. This is not the invoice for your order but a summary of the items in the package and their customs value(s).

Exemple of a proforma invoice for CCC Grading submission

Keep a copy of the statements. 


Write your order number

Write your order number directly on the package (or insert a note inside).

Do NOT include your order summary in the package.

For the reasons explained above (in the pre-requisite), do NOT insert your order summary in the package. Do not insert the payment receipt either.

Indeed, your shipment is non-commercial and not intended for final export. If you include the summary and your package is checked, it may be considered as such.


Protect your cards

Protect your cards with a new sleeve. Then insert each card into a card saver (ideal) or a toploader.

We recommend that you do not send your cards in tight sleeves (Pro-Fit / Perfect-fit).

We do NOT return heavy rigid protective cases (ex: Ultimate Guard). These make the package heavier and increase shipping costs.

If you use toploader, do not use adhesive tape. Use rubber bands instead.
We do NOT return toploaders if they are too dirty or have sticky areas (tape).


Pack your cards

Pack your cards in the order shown on the recap, making sure to wedge them in.

To optimize your processing time, keep unpacking simple:

  • Use two pieces of rigid cardboard + rubber bands to hold your cards together. Then you can use bubble-wrap to wedge them in the center of the package.
  • Keep the use of adhesive tape to a minimum (or do not use any).


Attach your declaration and Pro-Forma invoices

Insert your customs declaration (in 2 copies) in a plastic label holder, disposed on the outside of your package.

To view the instructions for this document - see the prerequisite at the top of the page.

Insert the 2 copies of the pro forma invoice in the plastic label holder.

The pro forma invoice is only a description of the contents and its customs value. It is different from the invoice of your order which does not have to be attached - see the prerequisite at the top of the page.


Stamp and send the package

Check the address and stamp your package. You can do this on the Internet or in a post office.

We strongly recommend that you send with insurance.

The tracking number is mandatory.

We only accept official national postage carriers. We do NOT accept private carriers (UPS / DPD etc.) because they do not delivery in P.O. boxes.

Send your package to :
CCC - Service réception
BP 20020

You are responsible for the shipment. Make sure you keep your proof of shipment.

We take care of the rest!
You will be notified upon receipt.

Additional Information & FAQ


    Please do not send via private carriers (UPS / Chronopost / DHL / DPD etc.).

    They do not deliver to P.O boxes.
    If you have a very high value shipment and still wish to use a private carrier, please contact

    Do not write "CCC Grading" on the package.

    Please specify exactly "CCC - Service Réception".