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At CCC Grading, we do everything possible to offer collectors the quality they deserve.
We have been developing for over a year a customized, technical and innovative protection for your cards.
We set a new standard of quality on card grading slabs.

Discover here a comparison and all the details about our holder.

CCC card grading slab 3d view

Specs comparison


We chose a stronger and better (though more expensive) material: Polymethyl Methacrylate. A strong, highly transparent plastic that meets the needs of ultrasonic welding. 


CCC Grading slab material

Comparison: CCC slab (left) and a classic slab (right)

Polymethyl Methacrylate CCC Slab 

Limited scratches

Although any plastic is potentially scratchable without protection, this material greatly limits scratching over time.

Drop resistance

Due to its size, thickness and uniformity of welding, our case is drop resistant. The material is compact, dense and heavy.


We have selected the highest grade of transparency so that the card is perfectly highlighted.

UV resistant

Your card is safe inside a case even if it is exposed to the sun for a long time.


In comparison : PS (Polystyrene Plastic) slab 


The material used on this type of slab is known to be brittle when dropped, it tends to break into several small parts.


PS is a plastic with low scratch resistance, although it is light, it is very fragile and sensitive.

Unwanted glare

It is indicated that PS is a plastic that can give bluish reflections, which can alter the appearance of the card.

Sleeve to hide a flaw

Often, PS holders already come in a sleeve. This can be a way to hide defects and limit scratches or breaks that easily occur on this material.

CCC Grading's vision

The purpose of this comparison is to promote our slabs while informing the collectors with maximum transparency.

Indeed, it is nowadays very easy for a new company to buy "ready to use" slabs. This practice discredits our card authenticating profession and tarnishes the reputation of card grading in general.

As part of our global quality and security improvement approach, we encourage and respect the efforts made by the French grading industry to bring high quality and secure slabs to collectors.

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