Accessories can be ordered from the submission center.
Orders must contain at least one card grading service.

CCC, PSA, PCA graded card sleeves

Sleeves for graded cards

To prevent scratches, marks or dust on your slabs and ensure maximum longevity.


Pack of 10 = 2.90€
Pack of 50 = 9.90€

Storage cases for CCC, PSA, PCA and BGS cards

Storage case for graded cards

For real collectors.
For real collections.

  • CCC logo on top
  • Lockable by code
  • Non-slip supports
  • Contains 42 slots for graded cards (up to 84 CCC slabs if stored in pairs)

Available - Limited availibility

Eligible for free shipping*

Frame for CCC, PSA graded cards

Frame for 3 graded cards

To proudly display your best possessions. 


Under development

Display stand for CCC or PSA graded cards

Display stand

To display your cards or photograph them. 


Under development

Binder pages for CCC, PSA graded cards

Binder pages for 4 graded cards

For a perfect integration with the rest of your collection.


Under development

You can order accessories from the submission center

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