Discover : GradeReport® 3.0

The GradeReport® is a complete, accurate and easy to understand grading report.
GradeReport® is a registered trademark of CCC Grading.

All GradeReports are available online on our website.
Some complex cards benefit from a simplified GradeReport®.

Grading certificate for trading cards: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, MTG

Benefits of the GradeReport® 3.0

  • Cloud-stored grading certificate

    Online GradeReport® - Unalterable

  • Printed Grading Report

    Printed GradeReport® - With silver-stamping

  • Precise and justified grading

    Explained grading - Easy to understand

  • Explanation of the impact of each criteria

    Legend available - Know the impact of each defect

  • Transparency on card grading

    Transparency - For future purchasers of the card

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Understanding the GradeReport®

The GradeReport® works with annotations to make the information easy to read and effective.
On the online GradeReport® of each CCC graded card, a legend allows to understand the impact of each defect.

Legend of the GradeReport®

Impact des critères de notation CCC Grading

When analyzing your GradeReport®, there are three things to remember:

  • The type of defect is more important than the quantity of annotations.
    Example: A single mention "P3" will have a greater impact on the rating than dozens of mentions "R1 and "R2".

  • On the legend, the impacts are given as an indication and can vary.
    The grading of collectibles is complex: many special cases exist. For these, the impact may be different from the one presented on the legend.

  • The GradeReport is not used to calculate the grades: it is used to explain the grades by locating the card's main defects.
    Two GradeReports that look similar may give a different final grade depending on the visual impact or density of the defects.
    The GradeReport shows you the majority of defects, but some are sometimes overlooked and not indicated (certain factory defects, etc.).

Grading of factory defects by CCC Grading

Our experts know perfectly when a defect on a card is a result of factory manufacturing.

This is because new cards (such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh or MTG) often have factory defects such as :

  • Print Lines
  • D.U.I = Imperfect Factory Cut (Corners & Sides)
  • Stains or printing defects
  • Crease lines due to factory rollers
  • Factory Silvering

At CCC Grading, we minimize the impact of all factory defects on the grading. However, they are not overlooked.
As an example, a "Pr.L" (Print Line) area only takes 0.5 points off the surface grade.

Understanding the "Simplified GradeReport®"

When your card has a grade ≤ 8.5 and complex justification (more than ten elements), a simplified GradeReport® is automatically assigned. On this GradeReport®, you'll see 2 main elements:

A description of the wear level on the Front and Back sides:

This wear description is deliberately simplified in a language that everyone can understand, and is divided into 6 levels of intensity, for each side:

  1. No wear
  2. Minimal wear
  3. Light wear
  4. Moderate wear
  5. Significant wear
  6. Heavy wear

Since the same level of wear can designate several grades and is adapted according to the 3 sub-grades (Corners / Sides / Surface), it's possible that you have an identical wear description but two different grades.
For example: if the term "Moderate Wear" is used on the back side of your card, it can refer to surface grades ranging from 4 to 7, depending on the other sub-grades, the difference in wear between the front and back sides, etc.

The most impactful element(s)

In this section, the defect(s) with the greatest impact on the rating will be referenced. This allows you to quickly understand the rating by focusing on the most visually impacting element.

Several rules apply:

  • The simplified GradeReport® specifies whether this element is located on the front or back side. It can happen that the most impacting defect is present on both sides.
  • When several defects have a similar impact on the grade, they will all be entered in the "Most impacting elements" field (e.g. Scratches-Glob. + Clouding-Glob. + Traces-Glob.).
  • The element with the greatest impact will always be linked to the sub-grade with the lowest score. In the event of a tie on sub-grades, there will be at least one element linked to each impacted sub-grade.

Consult a GradeReport®

Consult a GradeReport of a CCC graded card

9 digits

You can view an example of GradeReport® by entering the following number: 325 237 568

The official page (full screen) can be found here: CCC Card Consultation

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