This replacement program (Reholder service at an advantageous rate) is offered as part of the CCC 2023 New features announcement.

To see HD previews of the improved labels : cccgrading.com/en/labels

Service TypePrice / card
CCC Black Label to New Black Label

New Black Label

and slab change

5€/ Card

CCC Gold Label to New Gold Label

New Gold Label

and slab change

7€/ Card

CCC original label to new label

New White Label

and slab change

9€/ Card

CCC original label to new colorless label

Monochromatic Label

and slab change

10€/ Card

CCC Imaging of the card

Post-grade imaging

(in addition to another service)

3€/ Card

Reholder exclusive price

Reholder + Online GR

Complete re-grading

15€/ Card


In order to make submission easier by not having to re-enter the information for each card, the submission for this special program does not go through the classic submission center.

  1. Please download the following submission form: Submission Form - Special 2023 Program
  2. Send the completed document by email to soumission@cccgrading.com
  3. A secure payment page (with summary) will be sent to you. Please verify the information.
  4. Once payment is received, a confirmation will be sent to you.
  5. Send your package following the shipping guide or the International shipping guide (if sending from outside EU).

Don't forget to print the submission form and include it to your package.