To search for a French card, enter the name in French (without any accent).
To search for a card using a non-Latin alphabet (Japanese, Korean or Chinese), enter the name in English.
For all other languages (English, Italian etc.), enter the name as written on the card (in the original language).

What is the population report?

The population report (often called "Pop Report") is an extract from the CCC Grading database showing you the number of graded cards and the details of the grades for each reference.

This information can help you to :

  • Get informed about the rarity of a card and its distribution
  • Establish statistics to better determine the value of a graded card
  • Find out how many cards have a Gold or Black Label


Future improvements of the Pop Report

You are currently viewing the Version 3 of the Pop Report.

Here are the improvements planned for the next versions:

  • Sort by game, set and language.
  • Sort by total number of cards.
  • Specific version for mobile

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